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A beautiful piece of art is one that conquers the theme but also pays homage to it. Art should speak for itself and that's why when you go to a gallery, you stare at different pieces and let them talk to you, and that is the true beauty of art, the potential to communicate without using any words.

Our Best Paintings

The Mona-Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci

5,500 Crore


Edvard Munch

Rs. 2 crore

The Dark Night

Emily watson

Rs.5 Crore

The Caveman Spirit

James Brown

Rs.1 crore

The Mysterious Man

Nairya Kilie

Rs.7 crore

The Old Valley

Summit Sood

Rs.5 crore

Joint Heads


Rs.9 crore


Charles Smith

Rs.2 crore

The New Town

Isabel Kory

Rs.4.32 crore

The Perfect Woman

Lexy Henderson

Rs.10.4 crore

Our Best Sculptures

The Anglic Spirit

Diana Consus

Rs.12 crore

The Olden Times

Lucy pervil

Rs.15 crore

The angles Of Love

Fleurette Maximiliaan

Rs. 13 crore

The Loved Godess Of War

Sandrine Jean

Rs. 20 crore

The special One

Minh Quỳnh

Rs.5 crore

The Wariors

Cressida Kay

Rs. 21 crore

The King Of War

Gretel Parsifal


The Powerful One

Nyla Jacki

Rs.18 crore

The evil One

Inês Mariazinha

Rs. 39 crore

The Sight of Truth

Laudine Chikako

Rs.10 crore

Auction Tommorow

An Auction is to be heald Tommorow for The Joint Heads, The Creative Paint and The Scream

Types Of Art

Abstract Art


Oil Art

Traditional Painting

Lord Buddha's Art

Black-white Art



Astoligical Art

Spiritual Art